Lillafüred - the diamond of Hungary
2015. szeptember 25. írta: N. Júlia

Lillafüred - the diamond of Hungary


Lillafüred. Photo: Hanák Tibor

Hotel Palota was an attractive destination for wealthy tourists in the 1930, it was visited both by people looking for healing and relaxation. In the hotel, treatments for respiratory and neurotic diseases were facilitated, in-bed and on-field treatments by the hillside climate, carbonated oxygen bath, bubble bath and mud treatment were offered to guests, and besides, trips, hunting and horse riding events were organized to visitors. In summer, in the Hámori lake besides bathing also sailing and fishing events were organized, while in winter sleighing and skiing were offered. Every year the hotel hosted the Anna Ball and several prominent events, like the first Hungarian Movie Week (1931) and the Writers' Week organized by the Business Association of Writers (1933). During the Second World War, the hotel operated as a military hospital and after that as a holiday house of the National Association of Trade Unions. By now, the hotel gained back its old light - it is a wellness and conference scene with services satisfying all needs.




Forest train


Terraced gardens. Photo: Hanák Tibor



Palace Hotel. Photo: Hanák Tibor




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